Launched in 2014, neScholar Magazine is North East India first quarterly educational magazine, with Dr.R.K. Nimai, Former Commissioner Art and Culture, Govt of Manipur as the Editor-in-Chief. The 21st Century is an age of information and information is regarded as power. The School curricula just could not provide all the information required to make our students knowledgeable. The modest intention behind neScholar is to impart knowledge beyond school and college textbooks and also to inculcate a new form of reading habit among students. It is an effort to bring in a mix of articles covering various subjects and topics. It features valuable information and articles in the field of Science & Technology, History & Archaeology, Heritage, Nature, Sports & Adventures and Career – for the curious mind.


Nanao is a brand to reckon with. Under this brand, we have two offerings – Nanao Rhymes and Nanao Comics. Nanao Rhymes and Comics are created to revive the lost songs and folklores which were part of our childhood days. However, these rhymes and folklores are gradually getting lost as today’s kids are more inclined towards English rhymes and stories, and gadgets. With Nanao, NE Brothers intends to revive and preserve them. Our vision is to make the present and future generations never forget about these folk rhymes and lores created by our ancestors, the significance of the songs, the richness of our literature and creative minds of our forefathers.