You are currently viewing A Glance at the latest issue Manipuri Queens in Tripura

A Glance at the latest issue Manipuri Queens in Tripura

A Glance At The Latest Issue Manipuri Queens In Tripura

The first issue of 2019 brings to you the article, the Manipuri Queens of Tripura, with a brief history of the state giving an idea of the inter-relations of the two kingdoms of Manipur and Tripura in the past. Some of the queens have contributed immensely towards the development of Tripura and are still on the lips of many Tripuris. This article reminds all of us the need to have good relations with our neighbours which was once there in the past but not seen presently.

In the series of Know your Universe, we present Pluto, which was now no longer classified as a planet but has now been called a dwarf planet. This dwarf planet with a large moon among the five moons identified makes it a unique one among the solar system. When people in India speak about the north east India, it was with the perception that they are different and are the most underdeveloped region of the country. However, the north east region leads in many aspects of our society. We present some of the first among the north eastern states.

For the adventure minded, we set out on some pristine landscapes of Manipur; some well-known, and some remote but a trip to any one of these will satisfy your adventure spirit. On the environment front, there are two articles, one on the Himalayan Crocodile Newts and on the Bush meat which will provide you with information which are new to you and again reaffirms that human greed are destroying our environment and the wildlife that roams in that.

An article on the Right to Education reminds the need for every citizen to be educated and the social media is a technology which just can’t be avoided; though it has its pros and cons which are discussed. For those who want to tickle their palates with exotic cuisines, there is a recipe for Singju a savoury salad, which is different from all others. We continue with the series on the Medicinal Plants of North East India and the Quiz relate to this year Nobel Prize winners; especially those from science. They and their work will no doubt inspire some of our young scientist. Happy Reading!