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World Music Day 2019

World Music Day (21st June 2019) is a connected set of free public events which takes place annually on the 21st June, our midsummer. Every year, the events took place in over 120 countries and 700 cities all over the world. The event is also known as Fête de la Musique ( (or MAKE MUSIC DAY) and originated in France in 1982. Since then, the idea has spread across the globe with each event holding the same simple set of principles as World Music Day – the day is held on the mid-summer solstice, and that all concerts and events are free and accessible to the public. Here in Manipur, We, the groups of artists and musician friends, have been organizing the celebration of ‘World Music Day’ every year in Imphal by crowd funding. This Year, the World Music Day will be celebrated at YAC ground, Yaiskul, Imphal with bands like Adama and Sangtei Renza from Mizoram, Penta Fusion, Fringes, Shaini, Kaicho, Illegals, Dipwarani, Emvryonix, The Wishes, Red Devils, Pulse Pundit and Battles. The local instruments including Pena, Flute, Langdeng will be displayed for sales at the venue. Also, music lovers will get the opportunity to meet and interact with the local folk music instruments’ manufacturers. The entry to the event will be free for everyone, giving an opportunity to celebrate the event together. NE Brothers Entertainments Pvt Ltd is organizing this event. World Music Day Time: 4:00 PM Venue: YAC ground, Yaiskul, Imphal Date: 21st June 2019